Cors'Aventure Sports et Nature

Our team

Francois Bartoli: Founder of the company, you will find he is as good in a canyon as in a kayak, on a mountain bike or on the summit of a mountain!

Carole Blin: The voice of Cors’Aventure, she will help you to choose the adventure that suits you and your family best, and guide you through your trip preparation.
Christophe Sauvagnac: Specialist of canyoning and climbing, he does everything possible to initiate you into the pleasures of canyoning.

Pierre-François Bartoli: At the end of a rope, on water, on or under ground, he will help you to discover the countryside and caves of his home island.

Bruno Antona: Specialist in river sports, he will lead you just as well on the sea as down a wild river. He can also share with you his knowledge of the island’s interior.

Renaud Pintat: 'Seakayaking with Renaud holds in silence, words, poetry, and glide; thank to him for this week between land and sea.' (François and Françoise, participants in a kayak tour).

Coralie Goussot: Professional and a moutain enthusiast, she will guide to to the highest GR20 summits and she will make you discover the old transhumance tracks, along with the Corsican flora.

Damien Travaini: On a kayak or a catamaran, he will make you navigate through the turquoise waters of the Island of Beauty.